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2020-2021 Undergraduate Student Handbook 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Office of Student Ombudsman Services

The Office of the Ombudsman exists to serve all students of the University. Reporting directly to the President, the Ombudsman operates in an impartial, informal and non-adversarial manner pursuant to Florida Statues sections: 1002.21; 1006.51 & Board of Governors Regulation 6.011.

The purpose of the Ombudsman Office is to assist students in resolving problems and conflicts that arise in the course of interacting with Florida Polytechnic University. By considering problems in an unbiased way, the Ombudsperson seeks to achieve a fair resolution and protect the rights of all parties involved. The Ombudsman works with students to interpret University policy, identify options and strategies for resolving issues and serve as a mediator when appropriate. As an example, the Ombudsman may not initiate a grade change or academic adjustment; however, the Ombudsman may refer the student to the appropriate academic officer.

In service to students, the Ombudsman Office will:

  • Administer through its processes, fair and equitable services to students who voluntarily seek confidential and impartial hearing of concerns they have or concerns they believe have not been adequately addressed through formal channels.
  • Operate in accordance with standards of practice, upholding principles of independence and neutrality when responding to any student inquiry, concern or conflict.
  • Recommend changes to processes or procedures that hinder resolving the issue or are causing an inordinate delay.
  • Seek to resolve problems through various methods, including investigation, mediation or making referrals to the appropriate University department for review.
  • Students may voluntarily choose to use the services of the Ombudsman Office at any time, before, during or even after formal appeal processes have been exhausted or proven unsuccessful.

For more information or services, please contact the Office of the Ombudsman at 863-874-8544, on WhatsApp at 337-263-6118, or email ombuds@floridapoly.edu. The office is located in the Provost’s Suite in the IST.

Note: if you are concerned about confidentiality, call and make your appointment. Email may be subject to Florida Public Records Laws.