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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificate Programs of Study


Entrepreneurship    Applied Liberal Studies    Health Systems Engineering   

Certificate Programs

Florida Poly offers undergraduate, degree-seeking students the opportunity to add a certificate to their degree. These are add-ons and not substitutions for existing concentrations and, therefore, are subject to the following rules.


  • Certificates are NOT substitutions for degree program concentrations.

  • Certificates are conferred at the time a Florida Poly degree is conferred. They cannot be earned if a student transfers or leaves prior to completing the baccalaureate.

  • Students must declare they are pursuing a certificate by completing the Registrar’s office form. Students may declare as late as the semester prior to their last semester at Florida Poly. By declaring a certificate, the student agrees to the rules/terms set forth here.

  • Students who complete the requirements for the baccalaureate degree but who have not completed the requirements for a declared certificate must be graduated first. Certificates need to be completed in time to earn the degree in four-years. This includes summer session.

  • Students taking longer than 4-years are not permitted to earn a certificate.

  • Students must earn a C or better in all certificate courses to earn the certificate. Only a course that applies to both the degree and the certificate may be retaken for grade forgiveness.

  • Non-completion of a certificate may result in excess credit hour fee for courses taken that do not apply to the degree.

  • Courses taken toward a completed certificate do not incur an excess credit hour fee.


  • Only FTIC and transfer entering fall 2019 and after are eligible for earning a certificate


  • Students must maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA (for all courses, not just certificate courses)

  • Students must be on the appropriate plan of study and making successful progress enough to complete their degree in 4 years.

  • Students must successfully complete 30 credits before taking courses toward the certificate (with exception to transfer courses or a course that counts for the student’s declared degree program)

    • Students completing their freshman year with 27 credits, who meet all of the above criteria, may enroll in 3 credits toward their degree and 3 credits toward a certificate in the summer following their freshman year.

Special Notes: rules/guidelines

  • Applied Liberal Studies

    • Students opting for this certificate who bring in more than 12 hours in humanities and social sciences: credits will first be applied to fulfill general education. Additional credits may be applied to the certificate only if the student declares the certificate (see rules, above).

    • Students may apply up to 9 transfer credits to the certificate provided the credits applied include two 2000-level courses and one 3000-level course. The ALS “capstone” course must be taken at Florida Poly and completed prior to graduation for the baccalaureate.

  • Entrepreneurship and all other Certificates

    • Students may use 3-credits to count towards both the degree program and the certificate program.

    • The remaining 9-credits must apply to the certificate only.

  • Health Systems Engineering

    • Students must meet the prerequisites of having taken Calculus I (MAC 2311) and Statistics I (STA 2023) before taking an HSE course.