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International Student Handbook 
International Student Handbook

International Student Health Insurance Requirement


Florida State University System (SUS) International Student Health Insurance Policy

Florida Board of Governors (BOG) Regulation 6.009 requires all F and J visa students enrolling at a Florida state university or college to have health insurance (medical) coverage that meets the minimum policy requirements .

  • F Visa Students are not required to have coverage for their dependents, but it is recommended.

    • Students must submit evidence of coverage to International Student Services (ISS) before arriving in the United States (US).

  • J Visa Students are required to have coverage for their dependents (if they accompany them to the US).

    • Students must provide evidence of coverage to their sponsoring organization.

  • Other NIV Students are not required to have coverage for themselves or dependents, but it is highly recommended.

Coverage must be continuous; it cannot lapse during school breaks or annual vacations, even if students return to their home country during the break.
  • This means students must have coverage for the entire year (see coverage periods).
  • To be eligible for enrollment, you must provide evidence of coverage for the Fall and Spring semesters (at the minimum).

Can ISS, Admissions, or other university personnel help me select an insurance provider?

No. University personnel are unauthorized to assist with selecting health insurance providers; this is the student’s responsibility.

  • Please utilize the chart on page 2   of the Health Insurance Guide to identify required coverage and amounts; you may provide this summary directly to potential health insurance providers so they may confirm if they offer plans that meet the requirements. 

Does Florida Poly offer health insurance?

No. Florida Poly does not provide health insurance.

  • The university has a health clinic offering general medical and counseling services, but this does not substitute for the international student health insurance requirement.

Health Insurance Hold

A hold is placed on all F-1 students’ accounts preventing registration and continued enrollment until evidence of coverage is received.

  • There are no exceptions or waivers; this hold cannot be removed until health insurance coverage is provided.

Coverage Period Required

Payment of health insurance benefits must be renewable and cannot lapse. F-1 students must have continuous coverage for the entire enrollment period; this includes annual breaks and summer sessions - even if returning to their home country during breaks.

  • Please view the Academic Calendar for specific start and end dates of semesters and other important dates.

Students can choose to pay month by month, per term, or year, but they must have continuous coverage.

  • For example, if a student purchases coverage for one semester, they must renew it each semester thereafter (at the minimum) until they complete their program of study.

Coverage must be effective (at the minimum) at the start and end of each term or one academic year:

  • Fall: Students must be covered from the first day of the semester until December 31st.  

  • Spring: Students must be covered from January 1st until the first day of the summer term (or May 31st).

  • Summer: Students must be covered from the first day of the summer term (June 1st) until the first day before the Fall semester begins.

Health Insurance Evidence 

To be eligible for enrollment, students must provide:

  • Evidence of Paid Coverage (this is a confirmation of payment and the effective date and periods of coverage - see an example ); 

  • Evidence of Plan Coverage (often referred to as “Schedule or Explanation of Benefits” - see an example