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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Policies and Procedures


Prior to registration for the student’s initial term at the University, each student accepted for admission must submit a signed medical history form, including documentation of appropriate immunizations as required by the University.  International students must also submit the medical insurance required under Board of Governor’s regulation 6.009 before registering for classes.

All students are responsible for his or her registration status.  A student who makes changes to his or her registration should take into consideration the potential academic and financial.  International students are responsible for maintaining their immigration status.

For more information see FPU-5.0102AP.

Military Call to Active Duty Policy

A student who is currently enrolled at the University shall not incur academic or financial penalties by virtue of performing military service on behalf of the United States of America.  For more information see FPU 4.005

Name Change

“Request for Change or Correction of Name” forms are available through the Office of the Registrar.  Requests must be submitted in order to change a legal name on the student record.  Copies of documents (i.e. marriage certificate, divorce degree, etc.) noting the legal name change must be submitted with the request.  Students requesting a name change and re-issue of diploma will be responsible for the cost of the new diploma. Name change request for unenrolled students will not be honored.  For more information see FPU-5.0011AP.


Reading Days

The two days prior to the start of examinations in the Fall and Spring semesters, generally a Thursday and Friday, are designated reading days.  No classes are held these days; instead, students are encouraged to use these days for student and review. There are no reading days in the Summer terms because examinations are given during regular class periods. For more information see FPU-5.0018AP.

Religious Holidays

The Board of Governors and state law govern University policy regarding observance of religious holidays:

  • Students, upon prior notification of their instructors, shall be excused from class or other scheduled academic activity to observe a religious holy day of their faith.
  • Students shall be permitted a reasonable amount of time to make up the material or activities covered in their absence.
  • Students shall not be penalized due to absence from class or other scheduled academic activity because of religious observances.

If a faculty member is informed of or is aware that a significant number of students are likely to be absent from his or her classroom because of a religious observance, a major exam or other academic event should not be scheduled at that time.

Further, a student who is to be excused from class for a religious holy day is not required to provide a second party certification of the reasons for the absence. Finally, a student who believes that he or she has been unreasonably denied an education benefit due to religious beliefs or practices may seek redress through the student grievance procedure.
For more information regarding religious observance see FPU 3.009.



All students are required to have appropriate immunization and immunization documents on file in the Health Services Office as provided by FPU 2.001.

Code of Conduct 


The Student Code of Conduct is designed to promote responsible behavior for all students consistent with the values and welfare of the Florida Polytechnic University (“University”) community. It exists to define the behavioral rights and responsibilities of University Students and Student Organizations. The Code of Conduct fosters and enhances the academic mission of the University as well as protects the rights of all University students, faculty, and staff.
For the most current version of the Student Code of Conduct see FPU 3.006.


Parking and Traffic Rules



Students are required to park in General parking spaces only. Florida Polytechnic University parking and traffic violation fines are to be paid at the Parking & Transportation Office located in the Wellness Building. Ticketed vehicles must be removed within 24 hours or they will accumulate additional fines. Continued parking violations are met with increasing levels of penalty. Parking permits can be obtained from the Parking & Transportation Office located in the Wellness Building. All mopeds and motorcycles must be registered.  If the student sells or changes vehicles, he or she is responsible for the removal of the University parking decal.

All students in good standing are permitted to bring a vehicle to campus. The parking lots are designated by type.

Traffic and Parking Rules can be found at: For additional information see 6C13-1.003.