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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science & Information Technology, B.S.

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Total Degree Credits: 120

STEM Core:

All Florida Poly students take these courses

Total STEM Core Credits: 16

Florida Common Prerequisites:

General Education

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Total General Education Credits: 38

Total Computer Science Core Credits: 42

Concentration Core:

Information Assurance and Cyber Security:

All Information Assurance and Cyber Security students take these courses.

Total Concentration Core Credits: 24

Total Concentration Core Credits: 24

Learning Compact

Florida Polytechnic University’s Academic Learning Compact describes what students, who follow the major’s study plan, will know and be able to do. These are listed as core student learning outcomes.


Innovation & Technology


Computer Science & Information Technology

Purpose of the Program:

Prepare students with a strong and competitive foundation in general computer science.
Provide quality learning experience and focused training on the current advances in
cybersecurity, information assurance, and cyber gaming.

Graduate will know and be able to:

  1. Apply computational and mathematical knowledge to solve and analyze computational
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in computer programming in at least two high level
    programming languages.

  3. Understand the ethical, legal, private, and social issues pertinent to computing and

  4. Exhibit knowledge in different aspect of cybersecurity.

  5. Ability to design and implement interactive games.

  6. Pursue research based graduate degrees in computer science and information

Core Learning Outcomes:

Student Learning Outcomes:

The Outcomes Involve These Skills:

Upon completion of the Computer
Science & Information Technology
Degree in the College of Innovation
& Technology, students will


Critical Thinking


Computer programming competence




Software development experience




Data structure & algorithms knowledge




Teamwork and project management skills   X X

Game design and development proficiency




Knowledge of ethics and social issues in computer science   X X
Computer and network security principles X    
Public speaking and oral presentation skills     X



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