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2019-2020 Undergraduate Student Handbook 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Services

Student Classifications

Undergraduate (freshman, sophomore, junior and senior) students are classified on the basis of semester hours satisfactorily earned.

  • Freshman: 0 through 29 semester hours.
  • Sophomore: 30 through 59 semester hours.
  • Junior: 60 through 89 semester hours.
  • Senior: 90 or more semester hours, prior to completing baccalaureate requirements.

Post-baccalaureate: Any student who is enrolled in a course, regardless of course level, who has previously earned a baccalaureate degree, is not working toward another baccalaureate degree, and has not been admitted to a graduate program.

Graduate: Any student enrolled in a graduate course (5000-6000 level) who has been admitted to a graduate program.

Audit: Any student registered for any credit course on an audit basis. No credit is received for courses taken on an audit basis. A grade of AU will be assigned to audit coursework.

Student Holds

Holds may be placed on a student’s account, records, transcript, grades, diplomas or registration because of financial or other obligations to the University, such as failure to turn in required paperwork or failure to participate in required advisements. The obligation will need to be satisfied prior to the release of the hold by the office having authority.

For more information, read FPU-5.0104AP.

Transient Students

Transient students are students who attend Florida Polytechnic University for only one term before returning to their home institutions. There are two types of transient students:

  • State University System (SUS) transient students are students in good standing seeking a degree from a public Florida university and who desire to take courses at Florida Polytechnic University. Students are asked to complete the SUS Transient Application form, which is available online at Florida Virtual Campus. Contact the Office of the Registrar.
  • The other category of transient students is guest students who are degree-seeking at an out-of-state institution or an in-state private institution. These students need to contact the Florida Polytechnic University Office of Admissions and fill

Material & Supply Fees

The president must approve any Material and Supply Fees prior to the students being charged for such. Material and Supply Fees may not exceed the amount necessary to offset the cost of materials or supplies, which are consumed by the student in the course of the instructional activities, excluding the cost of equipment and equipment repairs and maintenance. New or revised Material and Supply Fees may only be implemented if approved using the procedures provided below.

Please see FPU-4.0013P Material and Supply Fees policy to read in its entirety.

Incomplete Grade

An instructor may temporarily assign an incomplete (“I”) course grade if the student is passing the course but has not completed all of the required work due to exceptional circumstances that exist beyond the control of the student.

Please see FPU-5.00712AP Incomplete Grade policy to read in its entirety.

Student Grade Appeals

Faculty, adjuncts, professors, and instructors have a fundamental right and responsibility to assess student performance. Instructors exercise professional judgment in determining how to assess student performance based on standards in their departments or disciplines and based on their own expectations for student achievement.

Please see FPU-5.00714AP Student Grade Appeals policy to read in its entirety.

Final Exams

The University views assessments as a critical component of the educational process. Final examinations constitute an element of the assessment of a student’s understanding of the coursework.

Please see FPU-5.0073AP Final Exams policy to read in its entirety.

Academic Standing and Suspension Appeal Procedure

The University has established minimum academic standards to which all students must adhere. Academic standing defines academic progress as it is indicated on student records and how the status will affect a student’s academic progress at the University. When a student is not in good academic standing, the student’s academic standing is denoted on his or her student record. The Office of the Registrar will notify students of the change in academic standing via email to the student’s University email.

Please see FPU-5.0074AP Academic Standing (Undergraduate) policy to read in its entirety and the Graduate Academic Standing Policy

President’s and Provost’s Lists

Each semester, the University takes the opportunity to recognize those degree-seeking undergraduate students who have met certain high academic standards. The eligible undergraduate students who achieve the required grade point average for courses taken in the fall or spring semester will be placed on a President’s List or Provost’s List that is published after the end of each semester.

Please see FPU-5.00741AP President’s and Provost’s Lists policy to read in its entirety.

Maximum Allowed Course Load

The University is committed to providing students the opportunity to graduate in a traditional timeframe while ensuring satisfactory academic progress and academic achievement by having the Registrar monitor the course load of all students for compliance with this policy.

Please see FPU-5.0088AP Maximum Allowed Course Load policy to read in its entirety.