Dec 07, 2021  
2021-2022 International Student Handbook 
2021-2022 International Student Handbook

ISS Forms and Resources

Whether you are a new or current student, or a recent graduate, ISS has complied a list of forms and resources for the you may need during your time as an international student studying in the US. If you are unable to locate the forms or resources you are looking for, please email ISS for assistance. 

Why must I use a form to complete certain processes or requests?

At Florida Poly there are times when managing your academic records require manual interaction and assistance by the ISS, Registrar’s Office, Academic/Faculty Advisers, Department Chair, Academic Affairs,  or other applicable department(s) at Florida Poly.

Additionally, the university must comply with immigration regulations and record keeping compliance. To facilitate these interactions, forms are used help ensure policies are understood, approvals are received, expectations are met, and documentation is recorded.

Why are signatures required before forms can be processed?

On face value, a signature can represent that approval was given for a transaction to occur, but moreover, a signature is a representation that a conversation took place and an understanding was reached by two or more parties. If a form requires a signature from a specific person or department it is because there is an important conversation that needs to take place before action is taken, and to comply with immigration regulations for international students. 

Can I use a digital (electronic) signature? 

Most Florida Poly (and ISS) forms are set up for digitally signatures (if you choose to sign then digitally). 

However, some ISS forms may require a physical signature from the student (i.e., Form I-20) due to immigration regulation. If a physically signature is required it will be noted and the form will not be formatted to accept a digital signature from the student. 

If you are interested in using your digital signature on forms at Florida Poly, and do not have one already setup, please view this document for assistance. 

Note: Forms are listed alphabetically under each category.

 New F-1 Students

 F-1 Transfer Students

 J-1 Students

 On-Campus Employment

 Social Security Number (SSN)

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

 Optional Practical Training (OPT)



 Current F-1 Students

 Other Nonimmigrant Visa (NIV) Students

 Immigration Regulation Resources

 ​ISS Glossary

University Resources