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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Financial Information



Material and Lab Fees

Students enrolled in certain laboratory courses are assessed a fee that is used to offset the cost of materials or items consumed in the course of the students’ laboratory activities. These fees are assessed based on the course. Specific lab fees may be found listed on the semester course schedule.
For additional information see FPU-4.003.


Reclassification of Residency for Tuition Purposes

Matriculated students (admitted to and enrolled at the University) who are classified as non-Florida residents for tuition purposes and who believe they may qualify for in-state tuition, may submit a Residency Reclassification Form to the Office of the Registrar. Supporting documentation is required to substantiate in-state residency for tuition purposes.

If denied Florida residency for tuition purposes by the Office of the Registrar, the student may submit a written appeal to the Residency Committee. The decision of the Residency Committee will be mailed to the student and considered final.


Tuition Waivers

For additional information on tuition waivers see FPU-4.002 and BOG 7.008.

Student Rights and Responsibilities for Financial Aid

  • Students have the right to know about the financial aid programs available at Florida Polytechnic University, financial aid packaging criteria, financial aid disbursements, application procedures, and their deadlines.
  • Students have the right to appeal any decisions made by the Office of Financial Aid by using the financial aid appeals process. 
  • Each student will be analyzed and packaged on a case by case basis. But financial aid will be packaged and awarded without regard to race, gender, religion, creed, or physical handicap.
  • All student records concerning financial aid will be kept confidential, unless otherwise specified by a student’s FERPA release form.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to review and understand all information and instructions concerning their financial aid packaging and disbursement. 
  • It is the student’s responsibility to meet all deadlines set forth by the Financial Aid Office, and provide all required documentation requested by Florida Polytechnic. 
  • Students are required to provide needed documentation with accurate information. Errors and misrepresentation may delay, or even prevent, financial aid from being awarded. The misrepresentation of information concerning financial aid may also violate laws pertaining to Federal, State, and Institutional Aid.



100% of tuition and registration fees will be refunded if notice of complete withdrawal or course withdrawal from the University is approved prior to the end of the drop/add period.

25% of tuition and registration fees will be refunded if notice of withdrawal from all courses from the University is approved prior to the end of the fourth week of classes, or at an appropriate time as designated by the University for summer sessions.

100% of tuition and refundable fees will be refunded if a student completes and files a Fee Adjustment Request Form within six months of the end of the semester to which the refund is applicable, citing recognized circumstances outside of the student’s control, which must be approved and confirmed by the Registrar.


Recognized circumstances include:

Illness of the student of such severity or duration, as confirmed in writing by a physician, to preclude completion of the course(s);
Death of the student or death in the student’s immediate family (parent, spouse, child, sibling, or grandparent) that precludes completion of the course(s);
Involuntary call to active military duty; or a situation in which the University is in error. The amount of a payment in excess of the adjusted assessment will be refunded.

***Please refer to the Academic Calendar for important corresponding dates***

Students who withdraw or drop from their enrollment during the term and have received financial aid may be required to pay the unearned portion of their aid back to the University. The amount of aid returned is dependent upon the amount of time the student has been enrolled for the semester. Students who withdraw from their entire schedule before completing at least 60% of the course may be subject to a partial or full return of their financial aid awards. This includes waivers, institutional aid, and any state or federal funds.

For additional information see FPU-4.004.